Certified Baby Sleep The Night Consultant

Hello, welcome to my page. 

I’m Beth, a BabySleepTheNight certified child sleep consultant and a Mum who can talk from the heart about struggles with my child’s sleep, and mine. 

My own child’s sleep changed my life. I knew as a new first time parent it would, and all babies wake in the night and need to be fed, this was normal! 

When the night wakes became every 45 minutes at the age of 7 months and the only way to be able to settle him back to sleep was a feed, I started to realise this couldn’t purely be hunger, it had become habitual and the only way he knew how to fall asleep. 

For me, broken sleep took a toll on my mental health and I knew we had to make a change for us all. 

I attended a sleep workshop organised by my local Mum and Baby group, and I was empowered with the new information I learnt... putting it into practice… and it seemed to work! Was this really the answer to the hotly talked about secret of sleep?!

This truly inspired me to study as a child sleep consultant, and to pass on these learnings to help other parents who are in similar situations who also want to make changes. 

It’s not my place to say how anyone should parent and nor should it be. For many parents, their child’s sleep works for them, and there is no need to change anything, and for others they are looking for that little extra helping hand.

The gentle methods I have trained in allow Mum and Dad to be with their child offering comfort until they fall asleep if they wish to, in teaching their child to sleep independently. 

For those Mum’s and Dad’s wanting to make a change, I am here to mentor you, giving practical advice and bespoke sleep plans, be someone who listens to your feelings and concerns and is able to give emotional support throughout, boosting your confidence as a parent. My work with families is close and supported in order to see amazing progression.  There is no need to feel guilty for wanting to make a change, no one knows your situation, and your baby better than you. 

Do you have any questions for me? Or want to know more? 




We are so very grateful that we came across Beth. We were pulling our hair out, scrambling for different options and ways to get our son to sleep. It has changed our family life for the better. We finally have our evenings and a full nights sleep back. We have a routine that we can follow with both our children and they’re much happier for it too. Beth has been an absolute gem and was welcoming from start to finish. She is very knowledgeable and clearly put a lot of thought and consideration into our plan and was our cheerleader every step of the way. 


Mum & Dad to 9 month old


Not everyone has the same needs or life circumstances. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same plan for their family’s wellness. Let’s get to know each other and see if we can work together.