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Working from Home


Prices Start from £150

I’m reaching out to businesses that truly care for their employees’ wellbeing with an offer to run a 60-minute online workshop for parents with new babies, young children, or that may be expecting.

The workshop is designed to give your staff the tools they need to take control of their family’s sleep, so that they can be the happy, efficient workers they’ve always been! And they’ll be sure to thank You their Employer for it too!

This workshop will cover:

· The importance of sleep and its impact on work

· My Top Tips; covering the sleep environment, nap guides, bedtime battles and more

· Practical advice that parents can try at home

· Q&A to provide personal and tailored advice

By running a workshop with Your Business, parents have the chance to book out some time in the day to focus on themselves, time that they otherwise may not have when looking after little ones. And as there’s no additional cost to your staff, they get the great benefits of my expertise, without adding to the growing costs of parenthood.

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The workshop was helpful, thank you.
I have a few different ideas to try out.
Nicely formatted and Beth was lovely and very helpful.

City Insurance Company

Beth was a good presenter and the course was useful.  We’ve tried some of the tips for my youngest and his sleeping patterns have been improving since.

City Insurance Company

Beth’s course was super useful. Non-judgemental and informative. I’ve been thinking about what she said ever since and trying to practice the good disciplines.

City Insurance Company

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