Is your baby waking up too early?

When you see the monitor go off, look at the clock and think.... no... this hour starts with a 5! Please just a little longer, please.

Some of us as adults are early birds, however I think it's safe to say that unless it's a work day or there is a much needed holiday (which frankly with a baby is parenting in another place) with an early flight to catch, there is no desire to start the day pre 6am.

Our little ones can't tell the time and drift back off to sleep so if you've ruled out getting too hot or cold, a leaky nappy that needs changing then these tips may help you crack these early morning wakes.

Blackout blinds

At around 5am, our hormones start to get us ready to start the day. Light brings this on and speeds this up. Team that with the longer periods of sun in Summer and Spring, it can be really stimulating upon waking.

By having a blackout blind up that sits snug to the window and not letting any light through, and I mean not a single peep, will help them to stay asleep.


Birds singing, dustmen arriving, central heating clicking on, Dad's alarm going off or going in the shower.

All of these when happening early morning can be enough to fully wake your little one and usually with very little chance of them getting back off to sleep.

Having white noise can really help to distract away from all of these by keeping the noise in the bedroom consistent. Volume wise, think something about the noise of a shower.

Don't worry though. You can wean babies off white noise when the time comes. Don't panic that they need to learn to sleep without it when they are older, they will.


Don't be tempted to put them to bed late to see if it helps with a later morning. The reality is likely that it won't make a difference and your result will be getting up at the same time with an evening where you had even less time for yourself.

A balance of day and night sleep is needed. It could be they have had all the sleep they need come 5am, equally they could not have had enough.

Cranky baby early evening? Try bringing bedtime earlier, even just by 15 minutes for a few nights.

What happens at night wakes?

May sound strange to talk about what happens at night wakes however if they are needing something to fall back asleep during the night, it is likely they are needing this at their 5am early morning wake too.

They are likely to have a good amount of sleep by this point, so it may be even more difficult for them to drift back off without this by themselves.

It takes time. It's unlikely that this will all click into place tomorrow morning, however taking the steps to get there and making changes will help.

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