Travelling with a Baby

It dawned on me. My lockdown baby has never travelled, nor have I travelled with a baby before.

Having got into a great routine, the thing that fills many new Mum's with doubt is going away from home.

You are just getting to grips with things, trying to get in a routine, and you just don't want to rock the boat and have to start all over again.

Good news is, you don't have to be confined to the same 4 walls until they are older, goodness knows we've spent enough time at home this last year.

Don't overschedule yourself

Take the stress away, and don't have fully jammed packed days of activity. Make sure it includes sitting and relaxing.

Car and Buggy naps

A few of these here and there are fine and are not likely to derail everything!

Head out around nap time, knowing that it is likely baby will be tired at this point and give them the opportunity to sleep.

When you are in the house or hotel room, go for the travel cot instead. You will find the sleep here more restorative.

Ignore your Mother in Law!

Eeek, I hear you.

Baby goes down well at home, we're in a different environment and there have been some bedtime tears, you want to give your little one an opportunity to settle like you do at home but you feel the pressure of comments from others to do something different.

Don't feel stressed, you know how you want to respond to give your little one consistency so don't feel you have to bow to that pressure from others.

Bring familiar bedtime comforts

If your little one has a bedtime bunny, bring him along for the holiday too!

Other items such as sleeping bag *weather and temperature dependant, white noise and even your favorite bedtime book.

And... if you are lucky enough to travel aboard...

Time zone changes and jet lag

When it comes to plane journeys, just accept you are travelling with a child.

If you have to revert back to 'old ways' to settle them off to sleep, then don't feel bad, just do so. Once you land, you can get back on track.

It's best to adjust to the new time zone as soon as you can, and if you find your little one needing an extra nap, make it a short 45 minute one to see them through to bedtime.

Getting out in the sunlight early afternoon will help, and shift milk or meal times as needed to the new time zone too.

In the evening, reverse that, get your trusty travel black up blinds up, and keep light minimal. This will help produce our sleep hormones bringing on those sleepy feelings.

Most importantly, enjoy your holiday. It's a time to get away and enjoy time as a new family.

If sleep seemed to have regressed, know they can do it, they have done it before, get back on track as soon as you are home.

Need 1:1 help getting back from your holiday?

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