While it might not seem that way right now, you are not alone. There are so many parents who are trying to get their children to sleep right now! I have worked with many families that have followed my gentle caring plans.
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We are so very grateful that we came across Beth. We were pulling our hair out, scrambling for different options and ways to get our son to sleep. It has changed our family life for the better. We finally have our evenings and a full nights sleep back. We have a routine that we can follow with both our children and they’re much happier for it too. Beth has been an absolute gem and was welcoming from start to finish. She is very knowledgeable and clearly put a lot of thought and consideration into our plan and was our cheerleader every step of the way.

Mum & Dad to 9 month old

We would highly recommend Beth if you're struggling with your child's sleep!

We contacted her as we'd spent 13 months wondering if we would ever sleep for a full night again, let alone whether naps would ever be something that happened regularly, for more than 30-45 minutes, and not in a pram. We had also tried lots of different techniques to help our daughter sleep better, but nothing worked for us. We were very sceptical about using a sleep consultant as we couldn't see what else they could suggest that we hadn't already tried, but we decided that we had to try something new for our sanity!

Beth was so clear and professional and we really felt from the start that she was considering our individual situation rather than just providing a generic solution. Her regular coaching over the two weeks made us feel really supported and gave us a lot of confidence in the process. We couldn't believe it when our daughter slept for a full night on the second night of the new approach (for the first time ever!) and it has continued since then! She also now naps in her cot for a really good chunk of time every day, which is amazing for all of us!

Mum & Dad to 13 month old

We found Beth through a recommendation and also a bit of luck! I say luck because I feel like she helped us at exactly the point when I needed and wanted the assistance with improving my son’s sleeping habits.

My son was 9 months when Beth started the sleep plan. I knew this was the right time because he was eating well in day and drinking milk at regular intervals. He was also only waking in the night for comfort; a cuddle or a quick breast feed. 

Beth helped design a detailed daily routine and sleep schedule, this included naps and feeding times. By the third night my son, who had previously woke about 3-5 times at night, slept through! His daytime naps also improved in length too! 

Although I had used sleep training before with my older daughter, there were lots of ideas and methods I did not consider or know about. So Beth really did open my eyes to changing things and setting a clear routine which both my children can now follow! 

Beth is supportive, kind and gives clear instructions! I am really grateful for all of her help and I am finally getting more sleep myself!

Mum to 9 month old

We have just completed a two week programme with Beth and the change in our daughter's sleeping habits has been remarkable. We have gone from spending hours using props such as calming sleep videos to being able to lie her down in her cot and leave the room confident in the knowledge that she will self-settle. The increase in the number of hours of sleep has also led to a noticeable improvement in our daughter's mood. We owe this to Beth who is extremely knowledgeable, personable and generous with her time; she is highly recommended.

Dad to 15 month old

We are so thankful to Beth for helping us and being so supportive through this journey.

When my 5 month old son started to wake multiple times a night and was catnapping in the day and his milk intake was decreasing, it felt like everything was falling apart. 

My husband and I were sleep deprived and grumpy. Our 5 year old daughter was not getting enough of our attention and everything was focused around our son. Something needed to change.

We trawled the internet and found Beth and immediately got in contact. From the first moment we spoke, i felt comfortable and at ease. Throughout the process Beth has been on hand and their for me when i needed reaasurance or felt like i wanted to give up.

It wasn’t easy but the process has paid off and my son now goes to sleep for his naps and bedtime with no trouble, and he feeds so much better. I used to dread so many times in the day and something that should be so joyful like feeding your baby was so upsetting when he wouldn’t eat. 

We are all now enjoying being a family and everyone is more relaxed, more rested and happier. Most of all my little boy is happier and we have Beth to thank for this, she is amazing.

Mum to 5 month old

Last year we found Beth when we were getting no sleep with our then 8 month old. Fast forward to hearing about 16 months and we are still getting a full nights sleep but the day nap has cut down to one and have all of a sudden turned into a battle! So we came back to Beth for some support and a change to our original sleeping plan. As before we are so glad that we did. It gave us a clear plan on how to transition his nap properly and gave us gradual plan to change his sleep time to suit his needs.  Thank you so much again! Professional, clear and compassionate as always!

Mum to 16 month old

The transformation in my son's sleep is truly incredible. 
From never napping more than 30mins and waking every two hours through the night, to now falling asleep independently for naps of an hour and a half, and sleeping through the night we are so grateful for the guidance and care Beth has given us.
I had major concerns about my own sleep deprivation as well as worries that my son wasn’t getting the rest he needed either, but Beth made me feel heard, understood as well as having compassion for our situation. She was incredibly reassuring and even just from our discovery call I felt so hopeful that everything could improve – and it did! 
My son is now more content, focusing on activities for longer, and brighter eyed. And as a bonus I feel more rested and able to be the mum I’ve wanted to be.

Mum to 9 month old

I will forever be grateful for Beth and her support in getting us on track to better sleep! We were so close to breaking point with our little one but so reluctant to reach out to a sleep consultant because of what we thought it would entail. Beth was absolutely amazing, listening to what we wanted to achieve and our boundaries on how to achieve it. She was patient with us, supportive and encouraging. Sleep in our household has improved beyond hope!

Mum to 7 month old

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Mum to 5 month old

During lockdown we had our second baby and during this stressful time, and trying to balance going from one child to two we spent a lot of time picking our son up every time he cried, just to keep our eldest asleep. After this we spent months where I was only sleeping for two hours at a time and he wasn't napping well in the day either - I was at breaking point and as he was soon to turn one, we decided we needed help.

Beth was recommended to us and we straight away felt really supported. Her clear and professional approach was very easy to follow and we couldn't believe that on the second night he slept through and within a week was easily putting himself to sleep, barely distressed at all (something that was really important to us). He is also now napping well and it has made a huge impact on how he is eating, his mood and his general health. We are also starting to feel more human again!

We are so grateful to Beth as we now feel far more in control of our family life and we are all happier for it!

Mum to 11 month old

At four and a half months in to our youngest daughters life I was on the verge of breaking down and yet riddled with guilt that I needed the help of a sleep consultant ‘so early on’. 

From the moment we spoke on the phone Beth alleviated my fears of having to leave my baby to endlessly cry as I had feared, she listened and put me at ease immediately. She talked about gentle methods and tailoring the programme to what suited us. Having fought hard to establish breastfeeding I was keen not to have anything interrupt my supply but having it as the only tool to rely on to get her to sleep was exhausting. 

Beth listened to how I wanted her involvement to assist us and from the second day we had already established healthy habits I didn’t think were possible. In the short time we worked together my daughter had gone from hourly waking to just twice in the night and since then just once. Naps no longer had to be in the baby carrier or aimlessly driving around. 

We are both SO much happier, she has the skills to self settle and I no longer feel trapped at home with a cranky and tired baby. 

The service we received evidences epic value for money. Beth is on hand for questions and concerns and guides you through the process that has honestly changed our lives. I never went in to this with the intention of getting a 5 month old breastfed baby to sleep through the night but we’re not actually far off that now. 

I’m so pleased we chose Beth to work with, she was a great fit for us and allowed us to adapt the programme to fit to us. It’s made me evaluate my toddlers sleep habits and I have a feeling we’ll be working together to establish more independent sleep for her too! 

Mum to 4 month old

Beth has helped not only my little one become an independent sleeper at 3.5 months old after being rocked to sleep wasn't working for either of us, but also us as parents in understanding her sleep needs and the optimal times for her naps/bedtime. Beth is supportive and knowledgeable in her approach and we know we can ask anything without being judged. Her plan has given us all the tools to ensure great sleep for both my baby and us.

Mum to 3 month old



Not everyone has the same needs or life circumstances. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same plan for their family’s wellness. Let’s get to know each other and see if we can work together.