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How to get your little one to Nap, Even if your baby won’t go down easily right now.  FREE DOWNLOAD

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Helping First Time Mum's

Reclaim their Sleep

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Hey I’m Beth, welcome!

I'm a Child Sleep Consultant helping First Time Mum's turn their sleep thief's into dream sleepers.


You've probably found me from being sleep deprived New First time Mummy, and not knowing where to turn. 

I've been where you find yourself today, 33 minute naps (to the second!), waking every 2 hours (or more) at night. Does it sound familiar?

If you need practical and actionable guidance, along with someone to hold your hand throughout, you're in the right place!

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From 1:1 support to small tweaks, I can support you to reclaim your sleep

Baby Sleeping


As a First Time Mum, do you need a place to start when it comes to sleep?

A Fully supported, hand held package where I teach you how to help your little one get a full night's sleep and take long naps.

Baby Wrapped in Blanket


New arrival in the family? Congratulations! 

Helping to set great sleep skills from the start

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Sleepy Baby


Needing a small tweak,
or support through a big sleep milestone?

With a 3 step bespoke plan and follow up, I will guide you through.

surprised baby


Worked with me before
and experiencing some new challenges?

I will help you all get back on track. 

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What my family's say...

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Mum to 4 month old

We reached out to Beth in desperation after four and a half months of sleep in 45 minute increments that was sending us mad and leaving our daughter so tired.


We were spending our nights in shifts hunched over our daughter's cot trying to keep a dummy in and begging her to stay asleep. We weren't sure what to expect or fully convinced that anything was going to help, but from the very first night our daughter began to sleep longer and better.


The plan that Beth worked up for us was detailed and specific to our situation, the sleep log made us feel like we had some control, and our regular checks-in both on phone and email helped us adjust and feel like we were helping our daughter understand and learn how to sleep.

From day 4, she began sleeping through the night and her day naps have also increased in length and consistency. We know that things will change again but at least we know that our daughter has the skills to get herself to sleep and stay that way.


We're extremely thankful to Beth for her calm and confident approach and for being so responsive to our millions of questions. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone struggling like we were!

Mum & Dad to 13 month old

We would highly recommend Beth if you're struggling with your child's sleep!


We contacted her as we'd spent 13 months wondering if we would ever sleep for a full night again, let alone whether naps would ever be something that happened regularly, for more than 30-45 minutes, and not in a pram. We had also tried lots of different techniques to help our daughter sleep better, but nothing worked for us. We were very sceptical about using a sleep consultant as we couldn't see what else they could suggest that we hadn't already tried, but we decided that we had to try something new for our sanity!


Beth was so clear and professional and we really felt from the start that she was considering our individual situation rather than just providing a generic solution. Her regular coaching over the two weeks made us feel really supported and gave us a lot of confidence in the process. We couldn't believe it when our daughter slept for a full night on the second night of the new approach (for the first time ever!) and it has continued since then! She also now naps in her cot for a really good chunk of time every day, which is amazing for all of us!

Mum to 4 month old

Wow, what can I say, I am just blown away with the improvement in my sons sleeping, feeding and general happiness since working with Beth.  


Her tips and guidance meant that my 4 month old son, who had been waking ever 45 minutes in the night, and feeding at least 3 times a night, slept from 7pm to 7am from night four of working with Beth.


From the consultation call, through to our last day of working together Beth made me feel completely comfortable and secure, allowing us to choose methods which suited us, answering endless questions and being so supportive.


If you are thinking of working with Beth, I would truly urge you to do so. My husband and I are no longer endless scrolling social media looking for the ‘answer’ and we are back to getting full nights sleep, which makes everyone happy!


Thank you so much Beth, you genuinely are a sleep genius! 

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