Sleepy Baby


Does your child sleep generally well but there is something just missing which you can’t put your finger on? 

Or not ready for a full sleep just yet? 


My 30 minute Sleep Sessions are exactly what it says on the tin and perfect for helping you navigate 


  • Perfect nap timings, lengths and how to get a longer nap

  • Nap Transitions, from 3 to 2 naps or the bigger transition of 2 to 1 nap

  • Bedtime routines

  • How to ditch the dummy

  • Early morning wakes

  • And even preparing you for what to expect as baby gets older. 



Here’s what a 30 Minute Sleep Session with me looks like:



A preliminary evaluation. 

A comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to our meeting.


A 30 Minute Session 

via Zoom or Phone call where I will guide you through your specific sleep challenge and provide you a 3 step approach to resolving this with practical steps.

You’ll feel empowered with your new approach and want to start right away! 

The cost of a 30 minute session is £40.

Book here, or if you are not sure this is the right package for you,

Book your discovery call to see if a 30 Minute Sleep Session is perfect for you.